What We Do

Good Neighbor House is meant to be a place in the Sanger Heights neighborhood and the Waco community where our residents of the house and cottage (Resident Volunteers), our leadership team, volunteers, and neighbors provide opportunities to grow and learn from one another. At the Good Neighbor House we “love our neighbors” by providing space and educational and social programs to encourage, enable, and enrich diverse opportunities for fellowship.

>>Learn more about the rich history of “settlement houses” informing the “idea” of Good Neighbor >>

Our Mission

Building on the Christian mandate to love our neighbors and on the ideals of the early settlement houses, Good Neighbor House facilitates social integration and worship among diverse Wacoans as we invest our knowledge, faith, and experiences in community life together.

To Achieve Our Mission We

  • Create and maintain a safe and welcoming community space for all neighbors: individuals, families, and groups.
  • Organize minimal, flexible programming to build community among neighbors (e.g. gardening, worship, arts, lending library).
  • Host non-profit community groups aligning with our mission (e.g. language classes, worship groups, arts and crafts groups, 12-step programs).
  • Participate in the spiritual, intellectual and social formation of resident volunteers and other volunteers as they experience the joys and challenges of daily life in a diverse neighborhood.
  • Honor the traditional settlement idea by partnering with Waco’s churches, college and university groups, businesses, and others in support of our mission.