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Where People Connect in Mutually Enriching Ways

Good Neighbor House is a faith-based organization, responding to Christ’s call for us to love our neighbors as ourselves. In the parable of the Good Samaritan, the “good neighbor” is the one who helps another, despite cultural differences.

In one of the most diverse areas in Waco, our primary goal is to build community among all of our neighbors, as we come together to share our knowledge, experiences, and faith.

What We Do

What is Good Neighbor House? Learn about our Mission and what we aspire to do to achieve it.

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Meet our Leadership Team and our Resident Volunteers (RVs). The RVs help care for the house and serve as hosts for events and activities.

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Explore the rich history informing our work and our diverse neighborhood community.

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Good Neighbor does not discriminate by race, gender, gender expression, ethnicity, nationality, age or sexual identity. Although we expect volunteers and board members to be Christian in order to follow our mission, activities at Good Neighbor are not restricted by religion.