Information about Using Our Spaces

We want to make you comfortable and facilitate the gathering you’re planning, in whatever ways we can. Christ said that “the good neighbor” was the one who showed mercy to the person in need. In addition to actually meeting one another’s urgent physical needs (as in the parable of the Good Samaritan), theologians point to hospitality as also being a trait of a good neighbor throughout the scriptures. Good Neighbor House welcomes all of our neighbors, and we’re open to hosting most events.

On Site Assistance: A Resident Volunteer will be on site and on call whenever anyone is using the space. During your event, if you have any questions or problems, please contact the on-call Resident Volunteer through a text message or phone call to the “house phone” (254-716-3079), or as instructed before your event.

Donations: You may leave your donation in cash or check at the time of your event, or you may send it through our online donations portal.

Policies: While using the space, please be a good neighbor to others using the house, to the people who live in and are responsible for the house, and to our other neighbors in Sanger Heights. We ask that you respect these policies:

  • Alcohol, firearms (open or concealed), pets and recreational drugs are not allowed in the Good Neighbor House or on the property.
  • Tobacco and e-cigarettes may only be smoked on the sidewalk. Please pick up cigarette butts and throw them away.
  • Events on weeknights must conclude by 9 p.m.; an extension may be requested for weekend events.
  • Ask your guests to park on 23rd St. beside the house. If Colcord Ave. must be used, park on the side closest to Good Neighbor House.
  • Feel free to carefully move the furniture (without scraping the floor) in the room you’re using, but please return it to the way you found it.
  • Please take anything you brought in with you when you go, and use the trash cans provided. If the trash bag is nearly full or contains food items that will start to smell, please take it to the kitchen.
  • Please use recycling containers in the kitchen for clean items that can be kept out of the landfill.
  • Be considerate to those using other rooms. Keep your volume reasonable, and please don’t use rooms you didn’t reserve.
  • You may use the kitchen if you request when you reserve. Please help us keep the kitchen and bathrooms clean. See guidelines for kitchen use below.
  • Any children in your group should be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • Please help us keep costs down by being good stewards of water, power, and other utilities and supplies. Do not change the thermostat. If it is too hot or cold, contact the Resident Volunteer on call.
  • The Resident Volunteers ’ entrance (through the garden), downstairs and upstairs bedrooms, and cottage are for use by the Resident Volunteers only. Remember that the Good Neighbor House and cottage are the Resident Volunteers’ homes, and respect the space and their privacy accordingly.

Thank you for your help with this, so that we can all enjoy our time sharing the Good Neighbor House! We’re glad to answer any questions, and to hear any concerns or suggestions you have.

Using The Good Neighbor House Kitchen

Please respect these guidelines if you are using the kitchen:

  • The Resident Volunteer hosting your event will show you where to find the dishes, cutlery, pots and pans, coffee maker, tea kettle, and supplies.
  • The “guest” fridge is available to all. You may store or eat food found there.
  • When you are finished using the kitchen, please clean what you have used, and load dirty dishes, pots, etc. in the dishwasher.
  • Feel free to warm food in the oven, on the stove, or in the microwave.
  • Please do not go through closed cabinets or the Resident Volunteers’ fridge. These are for the private use of Resident Volunteers living in the house.

If you have questions, please ask the Good Neighbor staff member who will call you to confirm details on your reservation request or your Resident Volunteer host when you arrive.