Service / Volunteering

Here at Good Neighbor, we like to be creative and to dream big. We also like to allow others the opportunity to use their time and talents to do the same. We value contributors with diverse skills as we strive to creatively serve the neighborhood.

We have a long list of projects awaiting volunteers. Most of them are outdoor projects at this point, but we have a few indoor painting and organizing projects that need to be done. Some projects don’t require any particular skills, others do. If you or your group are willing to help, we can find a place for you! Contact us at or 254-716-3079 to volunteer.

For another option to serve, you might involve your church group or organization in a fundraising project on behalf of Good Neighbor House: car washes, yard sales, special meals, events, raffles, anything you can think of.

We invite you to join us in our mission, and help bring Good Neighbor’s dreams for a renewed Waco to life!