Financial contributions continue to be most helpful in meeting our needs as they arise, but a large portion of our day-to-day expenses are for the materials we need to maintain our 100-year-old building and to run our programs. Anything you can contribute is a help!

  • Home Depot Gift Cards allow us to purchase expensive and emergency items.
  • Our Home Depot Wish List makes it easy to purchase specific items. Shipping is free on many products, or you may have it shipped at no charge to our local store (#6532) for us to pick up. If you have trouble locating our list, search Home Depot shared lists for the email address
  • Used-but-still-usable materials are welcomed!
  • We always need printer paper, paper towels, toilet tissue, trash bags, cleaners, and other household products.

All donations, including gift cards and used materials, are tax-deductible. We will issue receipts for anything shipped to us or that we’re notified about through email; contact us if you’d like a receipt for donations you drop off at the house.

Good Neighbor House has three goals for 2018 – Welcome, Sustainability, and Expansion – and many materials are needed to help us fulfill those goals. Some needs span more than one area. For example, solar lights for the backyard will make dark areas safer, be more sustainable than electric lights, and increase the yard’s usability for evening events.

Welcome – To increase the accessibility, safety, and visual appeal of our entrances and outdoor spaces.

Lighting: We can illuminate dark entrances and eliminate the need for electric lighting by adding sustainable solar lighting in several areas:

—Landscape path lights for our front walkway, which has a step that can’t be seen in the dark;
—Step lights for the deck stairs to the kitchen entrance;
—Motion lights for the poorly-lit garden and resident volunteers’ entrance.

Trees and large shrubs: Several large, old trees are nearing the end of their lifespans, and we’d like to start young trees growing now so that shade is available when those trees are gone. The front of the house looks great since it’s been painted, and we’ve removed several small trees that covered the facade of the house. We’ve planted a few small shrubs but some larger shrubs would improve the appearance of the front of the house.

Front porch: A neighbor who is a historical architecture expert believes that our house originally had a front porch. Although it will take us awhile to save up for it, we’d like to rebuild the porch, particularly since the current concrete entry steps are very hard to manage for anyone with mobility issues. We’ll need lumber as well as skilled labor.

Sustainability – To deepen our commitment to environmental and fiscal stewardship.

Yard and garden tools: We have several outdoor sustainability projects going on right now, including rainwater collection, drip irrigation, and composting. We also have a large vegetable garden and began sharing produce with our neighbors last summer. We need several tools including a wheelbarrow, spading fork, rakes, and loppers, to replace those that have worn out or that we’ve been borrowing.

Recycling bin: We’ve been collecting recyclables in a cardboard box in the kitchen. A clearly marked recycling bin would help remind our guests in the house to recycle also.

Roll insulation: The upstairs resident volunteers’ apartment (formerly the attic) isn’t insulated, which results in high heating and air conditioning costs.

Expansion – To extend our usable gathering areas to include the sun porch, deck, and backyard.

Portable heater and window unit air conditioner: The event room opens with French doors into a beautiful sunroom, which is the last public space that still needs renovation. It should be completed by early spring, but isn’t included in the house’s heating and air conditioning system. We’ll need portable units to make the sunroom usable.

Extension cords: Because the house has no outside outlets, we need several heavy-duty extension cords of various lengths for outdoor activities.

Lighting: Outdoor string lighting will provide ambiance for parties and concerts, and can be moved to where it’s most needed for the event.